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Bearworks is on a mission to revolutionize the way sales and business development teams operate with technology and AI. We're a productivity and team-building platform for business development teams to increase attainment rates by 10x or more. Using our parallel dialer and call insights, BDR+SDR teams can have more meaningful conversations with prospects more often and book more meetings. And with our virtual sales floor, leaders can recreate the electricity of a high energy sales floor and provide better coaching no matter if the team is co-located, hybrid or remote.

Bearworks isn't just another sales productivity tool. It's built by, and backed by, the engineers, product leaders, GTM leaders, and investors that took Datadog from $50mm to $1.5bn in ARR. We've scaled GTM, know the pain points of every contributor from IC to CRO, and are joining that knowledge with deep experience building technical, data, and AI-rich products for companies of every scale.

Boost Your Sales Team Performance


visibility into calls


increased call to demo conversion rates


improved employee satisfaction


decreased cost per meeting

Bearworks Parallel Dialer Software

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