Power Dialer

Unleash the potential of your sales conversations and boost productivity.
Experience 5x efficiency, 10x connect rates, and accelerated deal closures.

Bearworks Parallel Dialer Software

Instant Parallel & Power Dialer

Amplify your sales team's effectiveness by facilitating simultaneous calls for enhanced outreach. Experience near-zero latency by making 110-150 dials per hour across multiple people daily, increasing your prospect connect rates and deal volume by 10x or more.

Bearworks Parallel Dialer Software

Better Calls = More Revenue

Optimize your power hour by utilizing call queues to contact the most responsive prospects. Local presence increases connect rates with regional area codes. Boost efficiency with intelligent voicemail drops, automated wrong-number removal, call disposition updating.

Bearworks Parallel Dialer Software

Insightful Sales Calls

Ensure a steady flow of conversations without overwhelming your sales teams or prospects, maintaining professionalism with call rate limits made to contacts within a specified time period.

Bearworks Parallel Dialer Software

Comprehensive Call Management

Organize crucial call details effortlessly with features like call transcripts, recordings, and integrated notetaking. Automatic disposition syncing streamlines post-call workflows and accurately tracks prospect interactions and outcomes.

Bearworks Parallel Dialer Software

AI-Empowered Integrations

Bearworks integrates seamlessly with popular platforms like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Salesloft. Empower your sales team with cutting-edge technology, providing comprehensive AI-driven solutions tailored to your sales needs in real time.

Boost Your Sales Team Performance

Bearworks Parallel Dialer Integrations
Bearworks Parallel Dialer Integrations
Bearworks Parallel Dialer Integrations
Bearworks Parallel Dialer Integrations

visibility into calls


increased call to demo conversion rates


improved employee satisfaction


decreased cost per meeting

Bearworks Parallel Dialer Software

Turn Calls into Deals
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