Bearworks vs Nooks

Bearworks redefines sales acceleration with features surpassing, including near-zero call latency, an extensive number bank, and AI-powered voicemail. Its no-code CRM integration and video-enabled virtual salesfloor offer unparalleled efficiency and user experience.

What to consider when
choosing a sales dialer

When selecting a sales dialer for your business, it's vital to consider several key factors to make an informed decision.


with your existing CRM or lead management system is paramount to ensure seamless integration.


capabilities such as automatic dialing, voicemail drop, and call scripting features that align with your team's specific needs.


capabilities to effectively track performance and optimize your sales strategies in every detail.

Compare us with Nooks

Discover how our cutting-edge solutions and unmatched customer distinguishes us from our competition and helps you lift your business to new heights.



May experience noticeable delays.
Near-Zero Call Latency: Experience almost instant connection for smoother calls.
Limited selection or extra charges for more numbers.
Thousands of Local Numbers: Extensive number bank for local presence.
Basic or standard voicemail features.
AI-Powered Voicemail: Advanced, intelligent AI for personalized voicemail messages.
No Spotify integration.
Virtual Video Functionality: Collaborate and coach with real-time video on the virtual salesfloor.

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Bearworks Parallel Dialer Software

Connect and Conquer

Streamline routine tasks with an AI-powered parallel dialer that enables game-changing performance boosts of 10x or more.

Increase speed-to-lead with an automated parallel dialer and optimise your power-hour with automatic call-quees.
Save on time-intensive manual work by dropping intelligent voicemails
Boost efficiency with automated wrong-number removal and call disposition updating

Transformed Teamwork

Collaborate effortlessly with efficient information sharing and real-time communication among team members on the virtual salesfloor.

Empower managers to transform newbies into sales rockstars through real-time call coaching
Gain valuable insights from meeting analysis & real-time call transcripts
Assess your team’s impact through sales activity reports & cohort analysis
Bearworks Parallel Dialer Software
Bearworks Parallel Dialer Software

Sales Supercharged

Integrate with your tools. Our no-code interface connects to your CRM & Sequencing tools to build data-driven processes from day one.

Setup in under ten minutes. No engineering team required
Start making calls with a single click, or integrate your own phone at ease
Integrates seamlessly with popular CRM platforms such as Salesforce and HubSpot, as well as sequencing tools like Salesloft and Outreach.

Frequently asked questions

Can I upgrade from Foundation to Ascend?

Yes, upgrading is straightforward. You can switch to the Ascend version at any time to access advanced features and support as your business grows.

Is there a free trial available for either version?

We offer a free trial for both of our versions. This allows you to experience the functionalities before committing to a subscription.

How does the virtual salesfloor enhance sales coaching?

The virtual salesfloor provides a space for sales reps to collaborate, share strategies, and learn from each other in real-time, thereby improving overall sales performance.

What kind of customer support can I expect?

Foundation users have access to standard customer support, including troubleshooting and assistance. Ascend users receive enhanced support, including priority response and dedicated account management.

How does the AI Voicemail Drop work?

The AI Voicemail Drop feature automatically leaves a AI-generated message when calls are unanswered, ensuring consistent communication and saving time for sales reps.

Is data security provided in Bearworks?

Data security is a top priority. Our SAML/SSO integration in the Ascend version provides a high level of security, ensuring safe and streamlined access for all users.
“We closed additional $15k in 14 days with Bearworks.”
Bearworks Parallel Dialer Clients
Joshua, CEO
Estes Media
Bearworks Parallel Dialer Software

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with Bearworks

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