5 Ways to Improve Your Zoom Calls

James Miller
June 2, 2023

In the age of remote work and digital communication, mastering video conferencing tools like Zoom is essential. Despite its growing usage, many of us still struggle to conduct effective and engaging Zoom calls. Here are five ways to level up your Zoom calls.

  1. Get the Basics Right

Before delving into complex tips, let's get the basics right. This includes a stable internet connection, proper lighting, and good audio quality. Ensure you're in a quiet space, your face is clearly visible, and your microphone works well. Distractions in your background should be minimal and remember to always mute yourself when not speaking.

  1. Use Virtual Backgrounds & Filters Wisely

Zoom provides the option to use virtual backgrounds and filters. These can be fun but use them wisely. A professional meeting might not be the best place for a flashy virtual background. A neutral or simple office-like background works best for professional calls.

  1. Leverage Zoom Features

Maximize Zoom's features for a more engaging call. Use the 'raise hand' feature to avoid interruptions during a discussion. Use the chat function to share important links or notes. Use screen sharing when explaining complex concepts. Zoom’s features, when used effectively, can significantly improve the quality of your meetings.

  1. Prepare and Share an Agenda

A well-structured meeting always wins. Prepare an agenda and share it with participants before the call. This keeps everyone on track and ensures all important points are covered. Also, allocating time slots for each agenda point helps maintain time discipline.

  1. Encourage Interaction

Lastly, keep the call interactive. Encourage participants to turn on their video and involve them in discussions. Ask open-ended questions or conduct quick polls to keep everyone engaged. Remember, interaction fosters engagement and keeps the call lively.

Zoom calls have become a new norm in our professional and personal lives. Following these tips will not only make your calls more productive but also more engaging. With a little planning and understanding of Zoom's features, you can transform your video conferencing experience. Happy Zooming!

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