AI Sales: Personalization, Collaboration & Dialers for Remote Teams

James Miller
May 10, 2024

What is Bearworks?

Bearworks is an AI-driven outreach and team-building platform for remote and hybrid sales teams.

What is generative AI?

Generative AI in sales outreach involves utilizing advanced AI models to  dynamically generate personalized and contextually relevant content for communication with potential leads and clients. In a sales capacity, it analyzes patterns from large datasets of sales interactions, learning the nuances of effective communication. 

How can GenAI benefit my team?

GenAI has many uses. For Bearworks, it has the ability to handle the admin side of your team’s sales process while supporting your sale through objection handling tools, ai-generated voicemails, call coaching, and more. 

Does Bearworks use generative AI?

Yes, it does. Please see below for the impact our solution has had for customers like you: 

  1. Connecting you with your best fit leads faster 
  2. Saving you vital time through ai-generated bespoke voicemails 
  3. Upskill with objection handling recommendations 
  4. Ramp quicker from anywhere with a virtual sales floor 

TERMINOLOGY - A Guide to Dialer Types

There are three main dialers to consider: Parallel Dialers, Power Dialers, and Predictive Dialers. 

While they all may sound similar, each has their own distinct advantages. Let’s explore the features and benefits of each to help you make an informed decision for your business.

What is an autodialer?

An auto dialer is a software tool that will automatically dial telephone numbers from a list. Once the call is answered, the auto dialer will either connect the caller to a person or a prerecorded message.

What is a Parallel Dialer?

A Parallel Dialer sets itself apart by dialing multiple numbers simultaneously, achieving high efficiency with minimal call latency. It incorporates call staggering to enhance its effectiveness. The sophisticated technology behind a Parallel Dialer ensures that calls are distributed in a way that minimizes delays and maximizes the chances of live connections. 

This is particularly beneficial in scenarios where timing is critical, such as in telemarketing campaigns where immediate engagement is key.

What are the advantages of a parallel dialer? 

High Efficiency: Simultaneous dialing maximizes daily connections, reducing downtime between calls. The ability to connect with multiple prospects simultaneously ensures that sales representatives are consistently engaged, boosting overall productivity. 

Quick Responses: Immediate connections with the first available prospect enhances the chances of meaningful conversations. This rapid connection enables a responsive communication channel with potential customers.

What are the disadvantages of a parallel dialer? 

Uncertain Connections: While simultaneous dialing is a powerful feature, the lack of certainty about which prospect will answer first can introduce an element of unpredictability. In scenarios where prioritizing specific leads or prospects is crucial, this uncertainty might pose a challenge. Sales teams need to be adept at handling conversations with different types of leads, adapting on the fly to ensure a smooth and effective engagement process.

Call Latency: A critical consideration in the implementation of Parallel Dialers is the potential for call latency, which can occur when a system is poorly implemented. Latency, a delay before the call is connected after the prospect answers, can significantly impact the flow of the conversation. An extended pause can create an awkward experience for both the sales representative and the prospect, potentially leading to misunderstandings or a less-than-ideal engagement. It emphasizes the importance of choosing a system, like Bearworks, that prioritizes near-instant connectivity for a seamless and professional interaction.

Does Bearworks offer this: Yes

What is a Power Dialer?

A Power Dialer focuses on continuous calling by dialing one number at a time and automatically moving to the next, ensuring a steady workflow. This automated process minimizes the manual effort required in dialing, allowing sales representatives to concentrate more on the quality of interactions rather than the volume.

What are the advantages of a power dialer? 

Steady Workflow: Automation minimizes the manual aspects of dialing, providing a consistent stream of calls. The Power Dialer's strength lies in its ability to maintain a steady workflow, ensuring that representatives are consistently engaged without unnecessary interruptions. 

Controlled Pacing: Maintains a steady and manageable pace, particularly beneficial for industries where personalized conversations are crucial. The controlled pacing is essential in scenarios where a more thoughtful and personalized approach is required, such as in consultative sales or relationship-driven industries. 

Does Bearworks offer this: Yes

What is a Predictive Dialer?

Leveraging algorithms, Predictive Dialers predict prospect availability and dial multiple numbers simultaneously based on these predictions. The predictive aspect of these dialers is crucial for optimizing the efficiency of outbound calling campaigns.

What are the advantages of a power dialer? 

Optimized Connections: Adjusts dialing rate automatically to optimize prospect availability. Predictive Dialers utilize sophisticated algorithms to predict the best times to connect with prospects, ensuring that agents are engaged when the chances of live connections are the highest. 

Maximized Efficiency: Agents connect to live calls as they become available, ensuring a high connection rate. The dynamic nature of Predictive Dialers ensures that agents are consistently engaged in live conversations, maximizing overall efficiency.

What are the disadvantages of a predictive dialer? 

Potential for Abandoned Calls: The nature of Predictive Dialers, aiming to maximize live connections, can sometimes result in making more calls than there are available agents. This can lead to abandoned calls if the number of answered calls exceeds the capacity of agents to handle them.

Uncertain Connections: Predictive Dialers introduce uncertainty about which prospect will answer first. The lack of control over the order of connections might be a limitation for businesses that prioritize a more strategic and personalized approach to outbound calling. This uncertainty can impact the ability to tailor interactions based on specific prospect characteristics.

What is AI Powered Voicemail?

Bearworks leverages AI technology to enable Voicemail Drop for users. With its GPT-powered voicemail feature, Bearworks allows users to create personalized voicemail messages for each and every prospect. When a call is directed to a recipient's voicemail, Bearworks automatically drops the pre-recorded message, saving time and effort for sales representatives. This feature ensures that voicemail outreach is consistent, professional, and efficient, contributing to a more streamlined and effective sales process.

  • AI-Voicemail drops based on prospect data, ensuring each message is contextually relevant
  • Automatic Disposition Syncing

Use case: You are a rep tasked with dialing down a list of prospects to follow up after an event. Instead of manually leaving voicemails for those who do not answer, instead, use Bearworks’ voicemail drop! Set up a voicemail message once, using variables like {name}, {company}, {event name}, and so many more to simulate personalized voicemails. 

Does Bearworks offer this: Yes

What is a Virtual Salesfloor?

Bearworks’ Virtual Salesfloor supports seamless team collaboration and empowers managers to use real-time coaching, reducing onboarding time for newcomers. The virtual salesfloor revolutionizes modern sales teams by replicating the camaraderie of a physical sales floor, regardless of location. 

  • Shadow each other's sales processes during calls
  • Real-time call monitoring
  • Boost teamwork, enhance collaboration, and feel the pulse of success
  • Foster teamwork through dedicated public and private channels, chat, and react features

Use case: You are a BDR/SDR manager with new hires on your team. Your team is hybrid or remote and you have daily power hours. By using Bearworks’ Virtual Salesfloor, your remote team can dial together, your novice reps can listen in on more senior reps calls, learning from them, and you, as a manager, are able to coach in-real-time regardless of where your reps are making their calls. By embracing this digital environment, sales teams can maximize their efficiency, bolster their collaboration, and unlock previously untapped potentials for success.

Does Bearworks offer this: Yes


What is local presence dialing?

Local presence dialing is a technique that allows sales teams to display a local phone number on the recipient's caller ID, making it more likely that the call will be answered. Local presence dialing is a powerful tool within Bearworks' arsenal, helping sales teams connect with leads and prospects more successfully. 

What is call latency?

Call latency refers to the delay or lag experienced in establishing a connection or hearing a response during a phone call. 

Bearworks ensures near-instant connections with no noticeable delays. This means that when you pick up the phone, you're instantly connected with your prospects, eliminating those awkward silences or laggy moments that can hinder meaningful conversations. 

What are rate limits?

Rate limits are typically used to prevent duplicate dials and to control the pace at which calls are made to ensure efficient and effective outreach. These limits help manage call volumes, minimize disruptions, and maintain a smooth workflow for sales and business development teams.

Bearworks offers rate limits that allow you to control your calling pace. This ensures that you're reaching out to the right prospects the appropriate number of times. This feature helps you strike the perfect balance between persistence and respect for your prospects' time and preferences.

What tools does Bearworks integrate with?

We currently integrate with platforms like HubSpot, Apollo, Outreach, and Salesloft. We're also integrating with Salesforce. With Bearworks, seamless integration ensures your focus remains on building relationships and achieving results. Don’t see your tool of choice? Let us know and let’s see about adding it to the roadmap. 

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