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Everlast Energy Transforms Call Center Operations with Bearworks 

Sarah Hoskin
June 10, 2024

Everlast Energy, a prominent solar sales and installation company in Connecticut, was determined to optimize its sales operations and expand its market reach. While known for their commitment to delivering quality service, Everlast was facing challenges with outdated dialing systems and inefficiencies in their call center operations. By partnering with Bearworks, they transformed their sales workflow, enabling them to begin building an in-house call center for their sales operations. 


Everlast Energy prides itself on being a reliable local solar installation company that is deeply engaged with the community. Initially, they partnered with companies for their call center and installation needs. However, driven by their first principle of prioritizing customers, they made the strategic decision to internalize their operations entirely. With a dedicated team of in-house installers and a door-to-door team of ten, Everlast Energy set its sights on scaling its call center operations while upholding impeccable service standards.

The Challenge:

Before partnering with Bearworks, Everlast Energy had identified several key challenges:

  1. Inefficient Dialing Systems: Their previous system lacked the features needed for their sales operations. This led to calls being dropped, incorrect caller IDs, and poor voice quality. 
  1. Remote Team Coordination: Managing and monitoring a remote team did not always result in consistency of company messaging. 
  1. Picking the Right Provider: Ensuring alignment with a provider that actively listens and responds to feedback, maintaining high standards of customer service.


Everlast Energy brought their call center operations in-house to better control the quality and outcomes of their customer interactions. By internalizing their call center, they aimed to ensure every aspect of the sales and installation process aligned with their standards to bolster customer satisfaction and trust.

Alex Ciccio, Co-Founder of Everlast Energy shares that this is important because “there are hesitations of companies doing sketchy stuff that ultimately gives our industry a bad name, but in turn, makes us stand out because we know we are doing it the right way.”

Their deep engagement with the community fuels their desire to cement their standing as a dependable local solar provider, further motivating the decision to manage the call center internally.

The Solution:

In collaboration with Bearworks, Everlast implemented a comprehensive solution to address their challenges:

  1. By implementing Bearworks' AI-powered software, Everlast Energy tackled the challenge of inconsistent call quality that led to an unpredictable customer experience. Their team now enjoys greater predictability and control over their call center operations, leading to improved customer satisfaction and business outcomes.

Nick King, Partner Success Manager and seasoned call center expert, emphasized Bearworks' standout feature as its advanced AI capabilities. Reflecting on his extensive experience with various dialers, Nick shared, "What sets Bearworks apart is its AI features and analytics. All dialers are essentially similar, but Bearworks' AI capabilities truly hit the mark for me." 

This underscores Bearworks' innovative edge in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of sales operations, aligning seamlessly with Nick's expertise and expectations in the field.

  1. Bearworks’ Virtual Salesfloor is pivotal for the Everlast Energy Team, serving as a linchpin in their operations. The move from Discord to Bearworks for call blitzes has not only unified messaging but also strengthened teamwork. With advanced features like transcripts and dedicated spaces, Bearworks' platform enables their team to align on company messaging and learn from each other’s calls while fostering a dynamic company culture.
  1. Partnering with a reliable software provider emerged as a cornerstone of Everlast Energy's growth strategy. Recognizing the importance of having access to cutting-edge tools and support systems, they sought to collaborate with a trusted partner capable of delivering scalable solutions tailored to their evolving needs. 


The implementation of Bearworks yielded impactful results for Everlast:

  1. Improved Call Quality and Customer Experience: By adopting Bearworks' AI-powered platform, Everlast Energy was able to overcome the challenges of poor call quality and inconsistency in customer experiences associated with previous solutions.
  1. Greater Control and Cohesion: Transitioning to Bearworks' Virtual Salesfloor enabled the team with innovative features like transcripts and dedicated spaces to ensure messaging cohesion and foster camaraderie among team members. This contributes to stronger company dynamics and a more unified approach to sales. 
  1. A Trusted Partner: Everlast Energy has been let down by providers in the past who did not deliver. The team at Everlast Energy expressed sincere appreciation for Bearworks' support and attention in their journey of growth. 

Mike F., the top Sales Representative, captured this sentiment by emphasizing how "a rising tide brings up all ships." He, alongside Nick and Alex, highlighted Bearworks' commitment to scaling alongside Everlast Energy by incorporating their feedback and requests, while also acknowledging Everlast Energy's growth spurred by Bearworks' tailored solutions.

Overall, Bearworks has given Everlast Energy control over their sales operations, improved efficiency, and enhanced the quality of customer interactions, helping to support their success as a standout provider in their region. 


Partnering with Bearworks has been instrumental in Everlast Energy's journey to scale and control their in-house call center operations. Through the implementation of Bearworks' AI-powered platform and Virtual Salesfloor, Everlast Energy has achieved significant enhancements in call quality, operational efficiency, and team collaboration. The transition from previous challenges to improved call quality, streamlined operations, and strengthened team dynamics underscores the transformative impact of the Bearworks partnership. 

With a steadfast commitment to their First Principles of prioritizing customer satisfaction, Everlast Energy is poised to maintain its position as a trusted leader in the local solar industry. Looking ahead, the collaboration with Bearworks sets the stage for continued growth, innovation, and success in Everlast Energy's pursuit of excellence.

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