What to Consider When Choosing A Sales Dialer

November 29, 2023

When selecting a sales dialer for your business, it's vital to consider several key factors to make an informed decision.

  • Compatibility with your existing CRM or lead management system is paramount to ensure seamless integration. 
  • Automation capabilities such as automatic dialing modes, voicemail drop options, and call scripting features that align with your team's specific needs. 
  • Reporting and analytics capabilities to effectively track performance and optimize your sales strategies. 

By diligently assessing these factors, you can select a sales dialer that enhances your team's efficiency and contributes to your overall sales success.

Rate Limits

Rate limits are typically used to prevent duplicate dials and to control the pace at which calls are made to ensure efficient and effective outreach. These limits help manage call volumes, minimize disruptions, and maintain a smooth workflow for sales and business development teams.

Bearworks offers rate limits that allow you to control your calling pace. This ensures that you're reaching out to the right prospects the appropriate number of times. This feature helps you strike the perfect balance between persistence and respect for your prospects' time and preferences.

Call Latency

Call latency refers to the delay or lag experienced in establishing a connection or hearing a response during a phone call. 

Bearworks is committed to delivering seamless and efficient calling experiences. Unlike some systems that suffer from frustrating call latency, Bearworks ensures near-instant connections with no noticeable delays. This means that when you pick up the phone, you're instantly connected with your prospects, eliminating those awkward silences or laggy moments that can hinder meaningful conversations. With Bearworks, you can engage in smooth, uninterrupted dialogues, fostering better rapport with your leads and increasing your team's overall productivity. Say goodbye to call latency and hello to a more productive and satisfying calling experience with Bearworks.

Voicemail Features 

Bearworks leverages AI technology to enable Voicemail Drop for users. With its GPT-powered voicemail feature, Bearworks allows users to create personalized voicemail messages for each and every prospect. When a call is directed to a recipient's voicemail, Bearworks automatically drops the pre-recorded message, saving time and effort for sales representatives. This feature ensures that voicemail outreach is consistent, professional, and efficient, contributing to a more streamlined and effective sales process.

Power Dialer 

Bearworks’ AI-powered Parallel Dialer drastically improves the effectiveness of outbound sales efforts. With Bearworks, teams’ call volume and connect rates increase with an automated parallel dialer that can contact 100-150 prospects per hour. Contact the prospects most likely to respond first with personalized voicemail drops, automated wrong-number removal and call disposition updating.

Training and Upskilling 

Bearworks’ Virtual Salesfloor supports seamless team collaboration and empowers managers to use real-time coaching, reducing onboarding time for newcomers. The virtual salesfloor revolutionizes modern sales teams by replicating the camaraderie of a physical sales floor, regardless of location. By embracing this digital environment, sales teams can maximize their efficiency, bolster their collaboration, and unlock previously untapped potentials for success.

CRM Integration 

Bearworks integrates with the tools your team is already using. Our no-code interface connects to your CRM and sequencing tools to give your team the power to build data-driven processes from day one. In under ten minutes, Bearworks integrates seamlessly with popular CRM platforms such as Salesforce and HubSpot, as well as leading engagement and sequencing tools like Salesloft and Outreach.

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