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This version is tailored for emerging businesses, offering essential tools for efficient sales operations including a parallel dialer, seamless CRM integration, a virtual salesfloor for collaborative coaching, and AI-powered voicemail drop capabilities.
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  • Parallel Dialer: Facilitates simultaneous outbound calls, quickly connecting sales reps to the first available customer.
  • CRM Integration: Easily integrates with various CRM systems for seamless workflow and data management.
  • Virtual Salesfloor: Provides a collaborative online space for sales reps to coach and assist each other, fostering a team-oriented environment.
  • AI Voicemail Drop: Automatically leaves a pre-recorded voicemail when calls are unanswered, ensuring efficient communication.
  • Real-Time Call Analytics: Offers basic analytics for call performance, helping to track and improve sales call strategies.
  • Standard Customer Support: Access to customer support for troubleshooting and assistance with the platform.


Designed for more established companies, this version builds on the Launch features with enhanced customer support, secure SAML/SSO integration, innovative voice cloning technology, and advanced analytics for deeper insights.
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  • All Foundation Version Features: Includes everything from the Launch version.
  • Enhanced Customer Support: Upgraded support services with priority response, including dedicated account management.
  • SAML/SSO Integration: Advanced security with Single Sign-On capabilities, ensuring data safety and streamlined access.
  • Voice Cloning Technology: Innovative feature to create AI-generated, personalized voice replicas for unique customer interactions.
  • Advanced Analytics and Reporting: Comprehensive insights into sales performance, customer interactions, and call metrics.

Frequently asked questions

Can I upgrade from Foundation to Ascend?

Yes, upgrading is straightforward. You can switch to the Ascend version at any time to access advanced features and support as your business grows.

Is there a free trial available for either version?

We offer a free trial for both versions. This allows you to experience the functionalities before committing to a subscription.

How does the virtual salesfloor enhance sales coaching?

The virtual salesfloor provides a space for sales reps to collaborate, share strategies, and learn from each other in real-time, thereby improving overall sales performance.

What kind of customer support can I expect?

Foundation users have access to standard customer support, including troubleshooting and assistance. Ascend users receive enhanced support, including priority response and dedicated account management.

How does the AI Voicemail Drop work?

The AI Voicemail Drop feature automatically leaves a AI-generated message when calls are unanswered, ensuring consistent communication and saving time for sales reps.

Is data security a concern with SAML/SSO integration?

Data security is a top priority. Our SAML/SSO integration in the Expand version provides a high level of security, ensuring safe and streamlined access for all users.

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Often limited or not customizable.
Set Call Rate Limits: Avoid customer annoyance with customizable call rate limits.
May experience noticeable delays.
Near-Zero Call Latency: Experience almost instant connection for smoother calls.
Limited selection or extra charges for more numbers.
Thousands of Local Numbers: Extensive number bank for local presence.
Often requires technical knowledge or extra steps for integration.
No-Code Easy CRM Connections: Effortless, no-code integration with various CRM systems.
Basic or standard voicemail features.
AI-Powered Voicemail: Advanced, intelligent AI for personalized voicemail messages.
Typically text and audio only; no video support.
Virtual Video Functionality: Collaborate and coach with real-time video on the virtual salesfloor.
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